"I can't tell the true shape of Milan, because I myself am inside it."

The shape of Milan has stayed as a silhouette of the Duomo in my heart. but for sure Milan is a lot more than the Duomo. During the days I live in Milan, I have kept discovering the vivid content of this city. At the same time when I am experiencing the city, the silhouette of Duomo is becoming more and more blurry and giving me a kind of fading-away feeling. Even I go past Duomo sometimes, I don't even notice it anymore.

But at the moment when i was standing on the top of Duomo and over looking at Milan, I realized that Duomo is still the most beautiful thing in Milan and the best representative for Milan. Maybe at that moment, the silhouette of Duomo has shrunk to a tiny point in my heart, but I finally found out that the true shape of Milan is just this beautiful silhouette of Duomo, not too big, not too small, not too shiny but attractive, not taking too much space but is truly standing somewhere deep in heart.

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