So far there haven't been any Chinese nor international kitchen brands who have made a kitchen especially catering to the requirements and convention of the Chinese. China Kitchen is a combination of the high quality of ‘Made in Italy’, the most advanced European industrial standard from Veneta Cucine, and the comprehensive research into the extensive and profound food and cooking culture of China by the designer Min Chen. The China Kitchen that we present today is the first fruits of half a year of hard work from both the designer and the engineers at Veneta Cucine that involved: multi-level operation, double working flow system, and green thinking. In fact there are more concepts of this kitchen concerning electronic kitchen appliances and interior planning that couldn’t be realized in only half a year. However, it is a first step of great historical significance. What we want to share today is not the result but merely a start, the start of a Chinese dream of a contemporary kitchen that takes advantage of the advanced Italian manufacturing knowledge.

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