Professional profile


Chen Min Design Office is a multi-faceted design practice established by designer Min Chen whose production ranges from the design of objects to technological products and interior architecture. He was born in 1980 in China and trained at the renowned Köln International School of Design in Germany, then successfully completed his BDes(Bachelor of Design) at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. After some practical work experience in Amsterdam, he went to the Domus Academy in Milan for his MA in Design, graduating with distinction. He then worked at the Domus Academy as a project assistant and also started working on his first freelance projects. Through several award-winning design projects, the practice has developed a worldwide reputation for designing diverse innovative typologies, pushing the limits of technology and materials.

After his decision of coming back to China in 2010, he has been focusing on advanced industrial design and active in both professional and academic fields. He has been invited to teach at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Tsinghua University in Beijing, the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, and Tongji University in Shanghai. He has also been a frequent guest lecturer at other universities in China and Europe. Min Chen has participated in many design exhibitions and trade fairs all over the world and his works have been published in many international magazines and books. Some of his recent works were exhibited in famous museums like the National Museum of China in Beijing, and the Paris Louvre. Min Chen also writes articles on design-related themes for several Chinese design magazines.

Admittedly there are lots of essences from traditional culture that need to be inherited. But that never changes design being modernized and internationalized. Finding the best bonding point of tradition and modernization, east and west has always been what Atelier Chen Min is good at. Chinese design must become a language that used by the world instead of staying superficially as some style. Min Chen considers design as a language, which has its origins, depth, and history. It stays open and evolves over the time. It expresses life in all aspects, and becomes the essence of it. On the other hand, language has a great variety in all kinds of logic, convention, tradition, culture, and philosophy, and so does design. Min Chen’s goal is to find the Chinese language in the world of design. Today, he works on his own projects and also carries out freelance projects for several renowned local and international companies. Among other Chinese languages, he speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as German, English, Japanese, Italian and Dutch.

陈旻设计事务所是一家由设计师陈旻创立的多元化综合型设计公司,业务涵盖从日常用品到科技型产品和室内空间等众多范畴。陈旻生于1980年,早期在德国科隆国际设计学院接受设计教育,然后成功的在著名的荷兰埃因霍芬设计学院取得设计学士学位,成为该校首位中国毕业生。在阿姆斯特丹Satyendra Pakhale事务所工作一年后,陈旻赴意大利米兰多慕斯学院攻读设计学硕士学位,并以当年度最优异成绩毕业。毕业后留校担任助教,并在欧洲开展个人设计实践工作。陈旻通过几个获奖设计项目彰显了其事务所涉足创新领域面广、勇于探索和推进技术与材料之极限的特点,也因此享誉世界。